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The Life of Pi - A Theatrical Phenomenon

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Sunday, 14 November 2021

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Sunday, 15 January 2023

Running time
2h 5m (incl. 1 interval)

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The Life of Pi

The Times says, 'Long after the curtain falls, Life of Pi will make you believe in the power of theatre'. The Guardian said it's an 'extraordinary journey. Unmissable'. The Sunday Times said Life of Pi 'will make you believe in theatre. A triumph'. The Observer said that 'everything about this production is amazing', and the Mail on Sunday said the puppetry is 'out of this world'. That's what we call five star reviews, and that's why this extraordinary play is about to blow your mind. If you've seen the film, you'll love it. If you've read the book, you'll adore it. Welcome to Lolita Chakrabarti's fresh stage adaptation of Yann Martel’s best-selling novel.

The plot? Life of Pi is about a cargo ship that sinks leaving a hyena, zebra, orangutan, Bengal tiger and 16 year-old Pi, an Indian boy, in the lifeboat, the only survivors. It's based on the Canadian book published in 2001 and stars Piscine Molitor Patel, shortened to Pi, a young Tamil boy who manages to survive a total of 227 days in a lifeboat on the mighty Pacific Ocean, accompanied by a massive Bengal tiger called Richard Parker. The book sold more than ten million copies. It won numerous prizes. The 2012 movie was directed by Ang Lee, with screenplay from David Magee. Now it's on stage at the specially-remodelled Wyndhams theatre and theatre lovers across the UK and beyond are waiting to buy tickets. Make sure you don't miss out!

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Young Couples:

Barbara, 15 Jan 2023
Spectacular show! Stunning puppetry, artistic interpretation, costumes & set design. Wonderful acting.
Natalie, 08 Jan 2023
Adapted with creative skill
I was so curious as to how the book would be interpreted and represented as a play. Done with inspiration. Puppets amazing and sets and scenes done so cleverly.
mary, 31 Dec 2022
Excellent production
Incredibly imaginative stage design - transforming a bare hospital room into a lively colourful Indian zoo, a cargo ship in a storm, a life boat on the open sea. Brilliant puppertry that brought the animals to life.
Deborah, 25 Dec 2022
Thoroughly enjoyable
Did not disappoint. Lead actor excellent ad brilliant puppetry. Enjoyable for any age group. Brilliant set design.
Ann, 23 Dec 2022
Superb effects and acting
Kim, 20 Dec 2022
Live theatre at its best!
An excellent show in all respects. The agility of the players was remarkable, particularly the animal activators. The animal models were fantastic! Bring binoculars to get close up to the action and see the detail on the tiger. Must see!,
Alan, 10 Dec 2022
Extraordinary adaptation
Fantastic story that was brilliantly adapted for the stage from the book.
David, 26 Nov 2022
This show is the best I have seen in a long,long time! Everything about it was amazing,the staging, the costumes, the puppetry, the latest technology and of course the wonderful wonderful storytelling. I have never before seen actors and puppeteers so intertwined all skillfully taking on the role of both actor and puppeteer. The whole production was truly dazzling and inspirational, I would love to see it all again!
Rosemarie, 17 Nov 2022
Magical experience
Acting, puppetry, story-line and effects all first class in the magical atmosphere of an intimate theatre. Loved it.
Robert, 17 Nov 2022
Choreographic brilliant, spellbinding.
We knew the story and I was sceptical about it being convincing....but I was soon drawn into the magical way it was performed. Simplicity in places was so apt. All over too soon as far as we were concerned. Tube strike made our journeys terrible but we were pleased the show was more than worth it. Actors seemed to enjoy themselves too. Don't miss it!
Jackie, 11 Nov 2022
Fantastic puppetry
Absolutely beautiful from start to finish. We loved the set and puppetry especially.
Elspeth, 30 Oct 2022
Life Of Pi is amazing!
This is an absolute must see show. The actors work hard to tell the story and to stay true to the book. The puppetry is just wonderful - for this alone the show rates 5 stars. And the staging is just immense. I am in awe of the whole production - full of colour, vibrancy, surprises and hope, beautifully presented by a fine cast and crew.
Alan, 29 Oct 2022
Deep, had broken story.
Dainora, 25 Oct 2022
Special effects masterclass
Everyone knows in advance about the puppetry but the superlative stage design and lighting effects were also unbelievably good. I especially liked the sea and fishes.
Richard, 23 Oct 2022
This production was brilliantly done - great acting, creative choreography,clever special effects and heartfelt telling of a story. We would definitely recommend others to go and enjoy the play.
Emma, 23 Oct 2022
The animations, Props etc we’re all fantastic, so real, I’d love to know how it was created. So very enjoyable.
helen, 17 Oct 2022
Absolutely Brilliant
One of, if not the best stage show I have had the pleasure to watch
Dave, 16 Oct 2022
Breath Taking
Wonderful story telling and a feast for the senses
Cally, 26 Sep 2022
The best show I have seen in years. Truly captivating
Elizabeth, 19 Sep 2022
Very enjoyable show.
Cherriel, 17 Sep 2022
Wonderful,imaginative show
I love puppets and the ones in this show are spectacular especially the tiger of course. Not really suitable for young children because of scary content. The actor playing Pi gave his all in a very demanding,physical role.
Deborah, 13 Sep 2022
The show truly was transporting and magical. Definitely recommend watching from the H row of seats, its very high up but felt like the perfect view!
Lowri, 10 Sep 2022
Wonderful puppetry and superb acting.
Very colourful. Lifelike puppets that were made very well. Excellent acting. Pi was brilliant and so natural.
Andrew, 04 Sep 2022
Great play
Great story as well as amazing acts from the performers. A must see for anyone interested in theatre.
Renneth, 30 Aug 2022
Life of Pi - theater version
Incredible staging and acting. The philosophical nature of the written story is lost in the masterful puppetry and gripping momentum of this 2-hour theater show, but it’s nevertheless thoroughly enjoyable.
Scott, 18 Aug 2022
Pi and the tiger were incredible
Absolutely amazing performance!!! Pi and Richard Parker were incredible
Christianne, 17 Aug 2022
Amazing !!
Must see !
Francois, 15 Aug 2022
Mesmerising, absolutely awesome.
My advice to everyone is BOOK, you really don't want to miss this show, the costumes are amazing, the cast are brilliant, the show is just superb.
martin, 06 Aug 2022
Impressive, great staging, engaging
Very impressive and enjoyable
Claire, 04 Aug 2022
Creative and Imaginative
Imaginative use of space, objects and puppetry to create fantastical scenes with animals and boats
Jing, 30 Jul 2022
The show was well worth watching. The puppetry was excellent and the special effects excellent. Loved the humour too.
Kiran, 26 Jul 2022
Fabulous West End show
Totally captivated by Life of Pi - we actually cried at the end. Awesome production and the actor who played Pi was outstanding.
Tania, 25 Jul 2022
Excellent show
Well acted, especially the actor playing Pi. Loved the animals.
Irene, 22 Jul 2022
Very creative production
The animals were so well done that the puppet masters were mostly invisible. They worked hard at making all movements very lifelike. The technology of the projections, the lighting and the sound effects totally engulfed you into the action of the story.
Linnea, 16 Jul 2022
Creative and spectacular
Very enjoyable, engaging throughout. Unexpectedly humorous. Suitable for families but not young children - some scenes with the “animals” could be upsetting. Great animation/puppetry.
Helen, 15 Jul 2022
Main character really strong so the rest of the cast and the puppeteers…
Sergio, 11 Jul 2022
Beautifully adapted .
I enjoyed the original book and film . The show did not disappoint. My friend was not aware of ‘Life of Pi’ but throughly enjoyed the story and theatre experience .
Mel, 10 Jul 2022
Absolutely fantastic.
Imogen, 07 Jul 2022
Very engaging
Had a fantastic time watching the play. It had me engaged the whole time and though it was a sad story loved the comedy element in it. The theatre experience was very informal. Would have been nice to know how long the intermission was. Aside from that it uplifted my mood and made a great day out.
Helga, 04 Jul 2022
We loved it , thank you all for such great entertainment!£
Sheila, 01 Jul 2022
Animated, humour, and creative
The theatre was a bit humid. It is a small theatre with cramped seats do definitely need to be cooler.
Kajsha, 28 Jun 2022
Amazing night out
Wonderful acting V vivid Thought I would get wet! Lovely story Loved the puppetry Lead actor brillant
Dawn, 23 Jun 2022
Absolutely excellent in every way. Great cast, story told really well. So glad we went.
Helen, 14 Jun 2022
Highly recommend!
I loved the book and the movie, but the West End play Life of Pi is another level altogether. Amazing puppetry, lighting, music and acting brings to life the story of a boy and tiger learning to coexist on a lifeboat adrift at sea. So moving!
Dale, 11 Jun 2022
A fantastic creative and stunning performance
Elizabeth, 02 Jun 2022
Amazing sets and lighting, wonderfully skilled puppetry
This is a wonderful theatrical experience, I am a huge theatre fan and attend performances at least twice a month. The 'Life of Pi' sets are amazing, clever and inventive enhanced by incredibly skilled lighting and visuals. It is always hard to translate an iconic book like 'Life of Pi'across to theatre, television or cinema and something is bound to be lost in the process. By enlarge this was a successful transfer, what was lost in the narrative was compensated for by the enormity of the vision and the total success of the sets and puppetry. At times the acting was somewhat wooden and stilted, I am not a fan of 'blind casting' and for me the insertion of white actors as Indians was jarring and unnecessary, however that aside it is certainly a production that I am very glad I did not miss.
Deborah, 10 May 2022
Such a wonderful show
Malcolm, 08 May 2022
Best theatre I have seen in decades
Truly mesmerising. Pi is outstanding and the puppetry masterful. Lighting, set and special effects creative genius. Pure brilliance at every level.
Carol, 02 May 2022
Amazing Rendition of an Amazing Story
I read the book. I saw the film. But, this performance truly brought this wonderful story to life. The actors were uniformly excellent but the puppets and puppeteers were awesome!
Leslie, 23 Apr 2022
Amazing acting and props
A delight absolute gem will bring my daughter next time. Very meaningful and great acting and props in a beautiful theatre.
Dulani, 23 Apr 2022
A beautiful tempest of colour and imagery
A faithful and, (if not somewhat thematically biased) visually stunning adaptation of the book. The costume, prop and stage design perfectly convey the thematic importance of Pi's account at sea, which like the direction, bring a new perspective to an audience with prior knowledge (or in retrospection), if not slightly limiting further interpretations.
Che Harry, 19 Apr 2022
A theatrical feast
A glorious paean for man versus nature, this performance had everything great in as far as you were watching a man, (an extremely amusing one), on a boat with a tiger in the middle of an ocean. Add the beauty of night stars, a vulnerable wilderness and incredibly skilled direction and animal puppetry. Can you tell I loved it?!
Paul, 16 Apr 2022
Absolutely outstanding performance
This show was simply brilliant. A must see for all age groups.
Mary, 04 Apr 2022
Fabulous. Great effects, gripping to watch
Main character excellent. Sets marvellous. Animals animated with great skill.
Lesley, 31 Mar 2022
don't miss!
this was real theatre, a real show. Full of colour, wonderful effects and of course, the animal puppets. A visual feast, Maybe not for children under 12 as there are scenes of death and killing, but otherwise a fantastic couple of hours of pure entertainment. My only quibble was that the some of the actors seemed to be shouting rather than projecting and this jarred a little.
Arianne, 12 Mar 2022
A wonderful book and film and the stage version doesn’t disappoint in any way. This is an extraordinary technical and artistic achievement. The lighting effects are outstanding. Lose yourself in a wonderful theatre experience.
Julie, 10 Mar 2022
Life of Pi
Exceptionally enjoyable.
Susie, 04 Mar 2022
Fantastic show, must see!
Brilliant show, loved it from beginning to end. Wasn’t sure what to expect but this exceeded anything we had hoped for.
Siobhan, 26 Feb 2022
Worth the 5 hour drive and train to get there
Brilliant acting, imaginative choreography and a subtle adaption for the stage made for an uplifting experience which left us asking questions at the end. Not suitable for small children.
David, 25 Feb 2022
A Masterpiece!
What a spectacle! What a marvel! From the storytelling, the incredible puppetry, the amazing stage set to the fabulous cast and the perfect Pi, this has to be one of the best performances I have seen on stage. I was mesmerised from beginning to end!
Felicity, 23 Feb 2022
Stunning !
A wonderful production; a great adaptation with stunning performances, superb set and brilliant costumes. Would watch it again and again.
KEITH, 19 Feb 2022
Great entertainment
This is a great show. Good acting and impressive puppetry. Thoroughly enjoyable.
Andrei, 18 Feb 2022
Absolutely excellent
It was absolutely excellent. I was looking forward to it but the show exceeded expectations. Especially the lighting and effects were amazing... particularly the water!
John, 17 Feb 2022
Absolutely fabulous
Fantastic entertainment
Angela, 17 Feb 2022
A simplyvawe inspiring visual, musical and philosophical feast
Tim, 16 Feb 2022
A fine production with beautiful effects and a thought provoking message. What's not to love?
Brandon, 13 Feb 2022
Stunning performance
Absolutely incredible performance. Beautiful scenery and clever puppetry.
Bethany, 12 Feb 2022
Absolutely outstanding.
The acting was brilliant and we was just blown away with how realistic the puppetry of the animals was. Has to be the best show we have seen yet. In our opinion slightky beating the lion king which has undeniably one of the best shows in the west end.
Chris, 22 Jan 2022
A must see!
It was absolutely amazing! (and I'm quite a critic when it comes to plays etc) I'm quite interested in scenery, props, special effects etc and I was really impressed with how they managed to portray the different parts, eg projecting the sea upon the stage, the puppetry. Very original and mesmerising. I'd actually like to see it again! One of the best plays I've ever seen and I go to the theatre a lot!
michelle, 16 Jan 2022
Spectacular. An absolute must see!
Excellent acting and very creative use of the stage and lighting. Will certainly be recommending this show to our friends and family.
Gemma, 16 Jan 2022
very creative
Did I find that sound/volume should be a bit higher
Parvinder, 14 Jan 2022
Technologically brilliant
From the Grand4 Circle the lighting effects are superb, giving the viewer a distinct feeling of being at sea. The main character was well cast, but a bit screechy. The animal operators were skilful to the point they went unnoticed.
Ian, 04 Jan 2022
Wonderful show
Better animation than the Lion king
JONATHAN, 02 Jan 2022
Must See
Fantastic show, totally captivating and not too long. The puppetry was excellent.
Pat, 01 Jan 2022
The best I've seen so far
hiten, 28 Dec 2021
Enjoyable in every way.
Fiona, 23 Dec 2021
One of the Best shows in London!
Having been going to the Theatre here and all over the world for the last 60 years! This production is up there with the greats.Hiran Abeysekera should win best actor of the year and the whole cast should be offered a Christmas box each from the finest food shops in London.
Roger, 17 Dec 2021
show was great shame about the public
no masks in sign, of course everyone took the mask off as soon as they sat down, and no, not everyone was eating/drinking. There were no checks, all stewards were just standing there doing nothing, no spaces between people, it was very hot inside and generally not Covid safe. Emails were confirming how much Covid safe the place is and no, it was not. False advert. Please refrain from these messages when you simply do not even attempt to enforce the rule.
Dita, 06 Dec 2021
Absolutely spellbinding
Took my parents and we absolutely loved it. Just such a beautiful production, and the puppetry was incredible. Pi was loveable and engaging. Just loved the whole thing!
Jo, 29 Nov 2021
Brilliant, amazing piece of theatre.
It is possibly best to have the read the book but as this is a great piece of theatre it is very much worth seeing. However not for children under 10.
Susan, 21 Nov 2021